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PG10 Coaching



guspoyet1I strongly recommend PG10 to any organisation school or individual who is looking to improve and develop new skills, Peter Griffiths and PG10 Coaching are the right people to help the development of children football skills, and develop children's life skills and opportunities.

Gus Poyet Former Chelsea FC Tottenham FC Legend and Uruguay International. Former Brighton AFC manager and Sunderland FC manager

" PG10 Coaching is a great way to get involved in football and to get fit and active. I encourage children and young people to get involved in the positive activities and events Peter Griffiths and PG10 coaching provide so all children of all abilities learn new skills and techniques"

John Hartson Former Wales international and Arsenal FC, Celtic FC, West Ham FC, West Brom FC Coventry FC Wimbeldon FC star and former Wales national team coach

bellamypa1209 468x609"I was on the bench for the champions league final for Liverpool in 2007. I didn't get to appear. I was disappointed not to appear. I was at my wit's end. I had a mate working in Sierra Leone. and he said why don't you come out and see me. I fell in love with the place. It really scared me but I felt I had to do something. If I didn't I'd regret it for the rest of my life.”
"To play in the league they must go to school, it's not about football it's about education.. it's been a massive success, truancy rates have gone down, UNICEF say it's one of the best things that has happened to Sierra Leone"
"Everyone here has a story about the war, with a war that's only 10 years old you are bound to have people who are affected by it. . But what I love about the people of Sierra Leone is that they see a future for themselves l fully support projects in Sierra Leone and wish Peter his colleagues and the young people from Cardiff every success with their project in which l'm sure will make a huge difference to children in the country”

Craig Bellamy said of the football project in Sierra Leone during December 2011

Former Wales international Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Newcastle FC, Celtic FC, Blackburn FC, Norwich FC, Coventry FC Cardiff FC star.

nathancleverly2 300 230-150x150I fully support sport events such as Cardiff Street Soccer which have a huge impact on young peoples lives. I am from a tough background where life on the streets is hard and I appreciate what an impact sport can have on young peoples lives. It is nice to support a great event and give something back to young people and local communities.

WBO Light Heavyweight Champion of the World Nathan Cleverly who recently attended a unique Street Soccer event in Cardiff under PG10 Coaching

christian robertsPG10 Coaching is a great way to develop new skills and techniques, PG10 not only develop children's football ability but also provide children with important life skills. I can recomment PG10 to any school parent or group and encourage children to take up opportunities under Peter Griffiths and PG10 Coaching.

Former Cardiff FC Bristol City FC Swindon striker professional footballer Chrsitain Roberts


 PG10 Coarhian wyn thomas 350 x 233ching is a great way to get involved in sport and develop your childs skills and football ability. I can recommend PG10 to any school or child and support the fun opportunities PG10 provide. I can encourage both boys and girls to get involved and get active and healthy.

 Wales Women Professional Golfer Rhian Wyn Thomas

 Speaking from first-hand experience, having coached with PG10 and seeing my son involved as a player too, I have witnessed the benefits schemes such as this bring. From my son Harri’s perspective, I have seen him grow in confidence both on and off the pitch and the immense enjoyment he derives from playing and being successful at football. This has led him to be involved with several professional clubs. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with kids from my local area and being able to help them grow as players and most importantly people. Sport is a wonderful way for children to learn many of life’s lessons whilst having a great time in the process!

Frank Rowe Sports Director at Aberystwyth University and parent

I fully support and recommend PG10 coaching to any children and young people. 3 years ago my boy was given the opportunity to join the PG10 development centre in Aberystwyth,and the experiences he gained will always stand him in good stead for the future. First and foremost the coaching was outstanding and the social skills that he acquired were first class. Through PG10 he attended further coaching sessions at both Liverpool and Cardiff FC and he had regular games against professional clubs like Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Shrewsbury, Cardiff and Swansea and also against Welsh Premier League academies like TNS and Llanelli. When he started he was avery shy reserved boy from an extremely rural community but he is now a confident social 10year old - thanks to the opportunities that PG10 offered. My son was fortunate in that I was able to support him with travel etc but there were several children who had the same opportunity from a far more deprived background. Indeed I transported many in my car. These children who love football and idolise their heroes would never have had this chance had it not been for Peter Griffiths. One example I can give is the day I took them to Liverpool FC to play on their academy facilities. To see these boys wide eyed and open mouthed when they arrived was brilliant as they walked through the corridors and saw photos of legends of the game on the walls. On that day they were Premier League players as they lived their dream for a few hours. Peter Griffiths who has moved to Cardiff is a huge loss to Aberystwyth but is certainly someone's else's gain, but my son will always be indebted to the opportunities and the experiences he received through this scheme. Whatever level of football he will play as an adult his full potential will be always be down to the coaching and opportunities he received through PG10 and I fully recommend this scheme to anyone.

John Jones Headmaster of Bont Primary School in Ceredigion and a parent

Having had the pleasure of working with many top coaches in a number of countries around the world, I am confident in saying “Peter Griffiths” is up there with the best I have had the pleasure of working with. Not only is Peter a first class coach but also a highly distinguished individual whom deserves the accolades he enjoys from the many students and organisations he works so closely with in striving for excellence

Terry O Neil Team Tours Direct Managing Director

I would like to thank you for organising the 2 day Soccer Camp. my son Morgan had a fantastic time especially the day at liverpool FC. It has boosted his confidence and he was still smiling when he woke up this morning. All your hard work to arrange these days are appreciated

Parent Gill Southwood


Parents Mags and Dai Evans

A big thank you for everything the PG10 Development Centre did for my son laim Docherty Since he joined you in the development centre 2 years ago his footballing skills improved by the training programes you gave him and the games you provided against teams like Liverppol; Aston Villa, Wolves,Stoke etc.Since being with PG10 he has naw gone on to sign a contract with a professional football club. Once again a big thank you and the best thing he did was join the PG10 Development Centre keep up the good work PG10 is making a huge difference to children and young people

Seamus Docherty whose son just signed to a professional football club

I can't thank Peter Griffiths and his team of coaches with PG10 coaching enough for all they have done for my son. My son gained so much confidence and skills during his time with Pete and PG10 Coaching

Anne Hopkins Parent

With PG10 you don't just learn football, you learn life skills that you can continue to use for the rest of your life! Get skilled get active with PG10 Coaching

PCSO Tim Jones of South Wales Police

PG10, it's not just football! With their sessions based co-operation and team skills, health, fitness and well-being, they tick so many curriculum boxes it's one less thing to think about as a busy teacher

Alun Roberts Head of PE Iolo Morganwg Primary School


Having wotestimonialrked in the police service for 24 years I have seen and experienced much which is good and bad in society. I have dealt with people from varied backgrounds. What is given though is that whatever background that children come from, is that participation in sport is a great equaliser. I have seen this over many years. Children from less well off backgrounds are given an equal chance to compete. It is their skill and commitment that is important and not where they come from. Sport is a great way to boost the self esteem of children if properly run. I have known Peter for the last ten years and know how good he is with all children. I know that PG 10 will be a great success and will help many children of all backgrounds. I wish Pete every success with this venture and will have no hesitation in including my own children.

Alun Samuel South Wales Police Inspector



Please let your family and the people of Wales know that they lucky to have a wonderful person like you! On behalf of every Sierra Leonean I say THANK YOU for the love and kindness you and team have shown us.
I send you and your family warmest heartfelt love and best wishes for great opportunities and good success in 2012.

ETHELBERT S. MARSH of Sierra Leone

 "l encourage as many children and young people to get involved in the sporting and educational activities and events with PG10 coaching across Wales England and globally.

As an ex professional sportsman I truly believe in 'education through sport', whether it leads to a healthy lifestyle or world class performances. It is essential that everybody in sport listens to young people and we change the way we work with young people to maximise their potential, PG10 offers these opportunities for children and young to develop and l endorse all their opportunities"

Neville Southall MBE :- Former Wales and Everton FC Legend

PG10 Coaching is a brilliant way to get involved in football for both boys and girls, l encourage as many children as possible to take up sport and get active and to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to push themselves, work hard and inspire to play at the highest possible level.

Jessica Fishlock:- Wales International Women's Captain and Seattle Reign FC

"l encourage as many children and young people to get involved in the unique activities and events with PG10 coaching across Wales and globally.

In order for our future national teams to prosper it is essential our next generation is inspired and supported to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential but importantly also lead a healthy lifestyle and be active!"

Mike Phillips:- Wales, British & Irish Lion and Racing Metro

"Whether a child wants to just play sport or inspire to be an elite performer it is essential our next generation is inspired and supported to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential but importantly also lead a  healthy lifestyle and be active! With the wonderful opportunities PG10 Coaching provides across the UK and globally together with the nutritional support provided for participating children l encourage children and young people to take part in PG10 activities to develop and enjoy sport"

Mark Colbourne MBE :- Paralympic Gold Medallist Cyclist

"It is essential the next generation has sport in their lives whether the child is going to be a sporting superstar or just living a healthy life the importance of living an active life is paramount an should be instilled at a young age. I encourage children and young people of all ages to get involved in PG10 Coaching opportunities"

Sean McGoldrick:- Commonwealth Gold Medallist Boxer

Speaking from first-hand experience, having coached with PG10 and seeing my son involved as a player too, I have witnessed the benefits schemes such as this bring. From my son Harri's perspective, I have seen him grow in confidence both on and off the pitch and the immense enjoyment he derives from playing and being successful at football. This has led him to be involved with several professional clubs. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with kids from my local area and being able to help them grow as players and most importantly people. Sport is a wonderful way for children to learn many of life's lessons whilst having a great time in the process!

Frank Rowe Sports Director at Aberystwyth University and parent

  My son joined pg10 coaching in October 2013 .  Since  he has been going to the training seasons his ball skills and decision making has improved dramatically! The coaches are very professional , friendly , and encouraging towards the children. My son has been given the opportunity through pg10 coaching to play football against many professional clubs which he thoroughly enjoyed and was a great experience for the children.

Would recommend to any parent if your looking for a development team who prides on getting the best out of the children.

Parent Sheree Jermin son later signed for a Premier League club

My son Jay has recently joined the Llanelli Academy, being new and not knowing anyone was not a problem as instantly the coaches especially Peter made him feel at home.

He is receiving quality coaching at the centre and thoroughly enjoying it. I find the centre very good value for money and run with the children's development and experience in mind rather than some academies that offer the same or less for an inflated price. The development centre is run very professionally with excellent discipline and supportive atmosphere which provides an excellent learning and supportive environment. The children have excellent opportunities to travel and gain valuable experiences playing various academies.

I would recommend PG 10 to anyone

Parent Alun Samuel

Just wanted to drop a quick email to you to say that Harley is really enjoying both outfield and gk training. He says the outfield training is fun and making his touch and control better. He enjoys the passing and moving as this also helps his goalkeeping which is his main position and where he plays for Penarth town. He says having good goalkeeper coaches such as Neville and the red bulls goalkeeper coach is good and would like to train with other goalkeeper coaches as well. He always looks forward to the matches

Parent Wesley Tucker

Morgan has thoroughly enjoyed his time since joining the development centre.  He enjoys the training and we feel it is helping him to further develop his game. The matches he has played have been of a high standard and I am sure he has learned a huge amount from playing in them. His time with PG10 is helping him to become a more confident player and young man.

Parent Rhys Tucker

As a Parent you only want the best for your children, I have found that since my two boys have been in PG10 they are very impressed and my Husband and I too, Ryan and Finnian enjoy the training nights and having the chance to play with Academy teams all around the county is fantastic , they have been with other developing centres before and they haven't been as professional as yours. You and your team who look after the children are very professional through out

Parent Anita O Donovan

First impressions count and they have been very positive since joining PG10! Lloyd enjoys the training and playing the games and we are pleased that he has been given the opportunities to participate and demonstrate his keenness to learn and improve. The level of communication and organisational skills have been excellent. The issues with the training kit are outside your control, although your updates are appreciated. The fees are highly competitive.

Overall, our experience thus far has been extremely positive.

Parent Elaine Perkins

Sam has been thoroughly enjoying his experience with PG10 coaching.  It has been brilliant to see him using the skills, and control of the ball that he has learnt with PG10 when playing for New Quay in the league games.  It takes us approx 1. 1/4 hours to get there but feel it is worth it.  Sam has made many friends since joining and thoroughly looks forward to Thursdays and playing in the tournaments (especially Southampton as that is my home city).  I believe that any form of sport is good for children but More so with football as we have travelled to many countries and although children can not always communicate because of a language barrier they still always play football together

Parent Lynne Dutnell

All good, quality football, quality teams, quality coaching and lots of games.  Good stuff.

Parent Julian Doughty

Michael is thoroughly enjoying training and playing with PG10. He's not grumped about going  training which is something he did with other centre's as he found it repetitive and didn't like the coaching. He's enjoyed the chance to play against Southampton and Bridgend and playing as part of a team with good players. From a parent's point of view it's good to have you a regular coach rather than who is available on the day. The price is fantastic and it's good to have him look forward to training as he's only previously felt that when his dad has trained him. Personally I found different organisations where money seemed to be the driving force, were a waste of time and effort.

Parent Kim Iannucci

So far my boys are enjoying being part of PG10 and have a lot of good things to say about you and your coaching staff.

Parent Carlos Chakara son later signed for a professional club

I think the  development centre is amazing ,it give kids of all ages opportunity to go further with their love of football ,the cost is reasonable for the excellent training the boys get every week Neville and yourself are friendly and most of all Zak loves it, so if my son is happy than so am l

Parent Carol Phillips Fanning

Both myself and Robson have been very impressed with the organisation and the structure of PG10 since joining a fortnight ago.  It is a very professional club with the boys football development at the forefront of it all rather than a money making venture like the previous club my son was with.  Robson has really enjoyed playing teams of higher calibre than what he was used to which has given him more of a challenge and made him concentrate fully on his game of football.  In the short period he has been with PG10 he has played more matches than in the last few months with the other team.

I am very happy with my son being part of PG10 and look forward to the experiences that he will be given the opportunity to have which will develop his skills further.

Thank you for allowing Robson to be part of your football academy

Parent Emma Mallam

I am pleased to affiliate myself with PG10 Coaching. Their Philosophy, Coaching styles and methods are second to none.  PG10 provides expert coaching which leads to an excellent vision and desire to develop young footballers into elite players.

Aled Williams Head of Centre/Goalkeeper Coach, Cardiff City Football Club

Since Bradley has been with PG10 he has found the training very good and made new friends also the coaches are very polite and if they see you are doing anything wrong they will correct and develop all the children

Parent Wayne Howell

All i can say is that i am really impressed with the set up you have.  Oscar loves coming to train with you every Thursday he really enjoys. You are a very talented coach and i no the boys respect you and i no Oscar has improved since starting with you.  You are giving the boys many fantastic opportunities to develop their love for football , Oscar cant wait to go around the country playing premier league clubs and is so excited about Barcelona. No other clubs i no do anything like you do , you are putting the boys first and its not just a money making thing.  All i can say is thank you very much we are looking forward to the rest of the season!!

Parent Lucy Gary

Love how you offer your players opportunities and lifelong memories

Alan Gould Exec Director of Toronto Soccer Association

Since Dylan joined PG10 the organisation and communication have been excellent.  It is good to receive weekly updates via email of what is going on and of future possibilities.  The regularity of games and the quality of the opposition organised is excellent and stretches the players to achieve beyond the ability they would otherwise be pushed to.

The option of a tour to Spain is a fabulous opportunity for the players to pit themselves against children in a country seen as one of the best in the world at the moment

Parent Dylan Morris

He so really enjoys going to your training centre and was really looking forward to today and to not disappoint.

He has improved so much since joining PG10 Coaching, even his club have commented on how well he's doing and putting man of the match performances in midfield and in defence and up front

Parent Kevin Jones after a recent match against a professional club

Fantastic, my son absolutely loves coming and learning new things. No negatives to say. Communication is fantastic

Parent Kelly Beare

Hi Pete, Swansea have signed Joshua today he absolutely chuffed but we would like to thank you for your amazing work with Joshua and the amazing opportunities he had with you ones he will never forget. Thanks again

Parent on her son Joshua Esen signing for Swansea City FC

A great experience for children , impressed with coaching & organisation. A good mix of local competition and from abroad , and the cultural experience gained from the trips abroad help widen there knowledge of how the game is played , there is great interaction between all PG10 development centres between all ages .

Parent Catherine Sharp Taylor

Ryan has achieved so much since he has been with pg10 he has progressed so much now that he is being trained by first class trainers and he loves every minute of it. He is made to feel he is worthy of his love for football. Thanks for all you do
 Parent of PG10 player Ryan Brennan

That was the most amazing trip we've ever been on. The kids were outstanding and I'm sure came home feeling 2 feet taller with pride! The hard work and committment from yourself and the coaches really shines through these boys and we feel very priveleged to be a part of PG10. Thanks so much from Ollie, me and Steve and particularly Nell as once again she was made to feel very much a part of the experience

Jane White on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

You are changing young minds Peter, allowing them to grow in the right way and experience wonderful things. Many thanks, well done and may it long continue.

Tam Shoring on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

Just got back from Madrid last night after staying on - Kai loved the experience. Thank you

Nicola Ludvigsen on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

Nathan hasn't stopped talking about it, they had a fabulous time. Thank you for making it happen and making him so happy !!

Danielle Rowe on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

It was fabulous - we had a great time!

Ali Rideout on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

We had a brilliant time. Thanks for organising it. Kenz is still talking about it.

Sandra Clayton on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

Just wanted to say how grateful we are for the opportunities of the past few days. It was a fantastic trip with many new friendships being formed and we have fallen in love with Madrid.

Ian Jones on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

Just a quick e-mail to say that all five of the family loved the trip and it really was an experience of a lifetime!

Rob Seager on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

Fantastic time!!!! Like normal!!! Meet some fantastic people too. Thanks Peter

Jason Phillips on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

On behalf of my husband, myself and Ellis, a big thank you for organising the trip, we all had a great time with lots of special  memories

Julia McCelland on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

Hubby and son have come back with rave reviews.

They had a fantastic time, a once in a lifetime experience.

Sam Bradley on the 2015 Tour to Real Madrid and Spanish FA

Glad I bought my boys to PG10, the boys are improving all the time & Kelly & I have enjoyed with them on the tours!!! Looking forward to more!!!

Parent Ally Rideout